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Only few months after his last release 'DROMOS EP' on INFINE, FRACTION's coming back with a new daring work featuring a mysterious collective, 'The Sunken Ensemble'.
Unlike the previous release, Sunken Meadow staged a post-hippy psychedelic journey made of free form experimentations, lost and found instruments and unexpected meets, as it can be heard on The Prophet part 1 & 2, where Jack Kerouac reads 'On the Road' alongside custom timbral instrument (Part1) and elegant luth (Part 2). As Fraction himself presents the release, Sunken Meadow should rather be considered as a one week story soundtrack that'd rock the nights on a quiet beach. In Incarnadine, the quiet is however suddenly surrounded by tension and anger, a free jazz build up that would later drive to the eponymous and last track, a eight minute spooky trip that un-shamefully reminds some of the Alice Coltrane or McCoy Tyner pieces.
Whereas DROMOS EP featured highly modern Audiovisual work, in this new release, Fraction will make you travel through the 60's, maybe with a 2014's modern spaceship, looking for a place to watch the stars at a Fall sky.
Once again, with a very personal production sense, a permanent search of originality, FRACTION keeps on imprinting a territory where nobody goes.

Sunken meadow tells the story of a shelter surrounded by natural forces. It tells the story of new junctions between adventurous musicians. It tells the story of hazardous journey inside a wilderness territory. No boundaries, just imagination.


released September 15, 2014

All tracks written, engineered, produced and mixed by FRACTION.
Mastering by Jonna Wishmere at CleverIsPunk Studio

Credits :

Jack Kerouac reading On the Road, Track 1 & 2
Fraction (Programming, keyboards)

The sunken ensemble is :
Daniel Dalinian (Luth, Harp, Guitar, Cello) - Kurt Giles (Drums, Percussions) , Ed Kinder (Saxophone, Piano, Flute); Peter Boardman (Sarod), Bryna Rene Haynes (Flute)

©FRACTION - 2014

Big thanks to George Shafnacker for mics set up.



all rights reserved


Fraction Paris, France

Fraction is Eric Raynaud, an experimental sound artist whose composition stretch from intense atonal drone to free form electronic composition. He's signed on french label Infine, and also releases weird avant guard productions on bandcamp

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